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What is Xceptance LoadTest?

Xceptance LoadTest (XLT) is a distributed load test tool for Internet applications. It paves the way for quick and efficient load testing because it uses Java as its language and JUnit as its testing approach. Its innovative licensing model - a free basic version combined with on-demand licensing - permanently reduces your license and maintenance costs. XLT thus closes the gap between expensive commercial offerings and free software. XLT does not tie you into anything, because its open architecture permits the fast adaptation to individual project needs. Its operating-system independence allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

Additionally, your testers and developers can continue using their preferred development and runtime environments. Because there are no complicated licenses to administer nor any elaborate installation necessary, XLT fits perfectly into your IT organization or consulting business.

Features and Advantages At a Glance
  • Regression and load test tool
  • Java as “scripting” language
  • JUnit as testing approach
  • HTML-based testing
  • Complete browser simulation
  • Support for JavaScript
  • Script recorder for Firefox
  • Reports in HTML
  • Open formats
  • OS independent
  • Easy to extend
  • Comprehensive API
  • Perfect for cloud computing
  • Free basic version
  • No license servers, no dongles
  • XLT Datasheet
  • Global Quality Partners, LLC are exclusive distributor of XLT in North America