Boston, December, 2009:

jUDDI-v3.0.0 Holds Its Own Under Load

jUDDI release 3.0.0., the open source Java implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI v3) specification for Web Services, held its own under a stress and load test of over 400 transactions per minute. The performance benchmark was developed in 2009 and executed in December of 2009 by a team of jUDDI sponsors — Global Quality Partnerss, LLC and Xceptance, Inc.  The system configuration under test was JBOSS 5.1 (the CXF web services stack) and jUDDI 3.0.0. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, MySQL.
The test scenario consisted of three types of transactions: finding businesses in the registry (90% of transactional volume), registering a business (7% of transactional volume), and deleting a business from the registry (3% of transactional volume). The test environment consisted of two Red Hat Amazon Images deployed in Amazon Cloud (EC2).
Below are excerpts from the performance report

Action Name Count Errors Runtime [ms]
Total 1/s 1/min 1/h* 1/d* Total % Med. Mean Min. Max. Dev.
Totals 94,877 24.5 1,468.3 88,098 2,114,360 29 0.03%
FindBusinessByName 19,786 5.1 306.2 18,372 440,936 0 0.00% 120 531 16 25,686 1,204
GetAuthenticationToken 30,903 8.0 478.3 28,695 688,682 10 0.03% 20 479 2 887,092 15,856
RegisterBusiness 11,035 2.8 170.8 10,247 245,918 9 0.08% 20 931 6 889,104 24,848
RegisterService 33,080 8.5 511.9 30,717 737,197 10 0.03% 20 469 7 878,446 15,251
UnregisterBusiness 73 0.0 1.1 68 1,627 0 0.00% 150 943 20 16,923 2,326

What We Learned:

Our jUDDI experience taught us that it is possible to provide ongoing performance testing support to an open source project, that availability of performance metrics early has a positive impact on the overall quality of the product.  We learned that teams love performance metrics and put it into good use right away to build faster and more robust products. We also learned that though it has its limitations, the cloud can be a valuable resource in the             pre-production/release of either an open source or commercial project for organizations of any size.


Ongoing access to performance metrics and analysis can be an effective competitive tool. GQP can empower your teams to deliver robust deployment ready solutions by providing timely and affordable access to performance analysis and metrics.To see more test results for the jUDDI project, follow these links:

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