GQP On-Demand Performance Engineering Services™

  • On-Demand Elastic Performance Testing Services™

Cost-effective Cloud based performance testing services for feedback early in the development life cycle, and to provision and prepare for eventual production level performance testing in  a lab or mirrored production environment.  Services include professional results analysis relative to your business and technical goals in a complete turn-key solution, which includes professional resources, real-world scenario modeling, required, tools, and complete management services; Services can be delivered via public or private cloud.

  • On-Demand Scalable Lab Performance Testing Services™

While there are many benefits to testing early in the Cloud, some times you simply need a physical test environment which is completely under your control.  GQP has a cost-effective solution for your needs.  Through our On-Demand Lab Performance Testing Services, GQP provides a remotely managed, scalable, and on-demand physical lab environment, as well as our professional analysis and usual turn-key services.  These include professional resources, real-world scenario modeling, tools, and complete management services.

  • On-Demand Performance Team Productivity Enhancement Services™

For those times when your performance testing needs overwhelm your existing human resource capital, GQP can help you meet the demand by providing scalable human resource solutions.  Our cost-effective solutions can be provided by a series of delivery mechanisms, including onshore and/or offshore resources.  Our delivery models allow you to scale up or down as needed, on-demand.  Regardless of which model you decide is best for you, our integrated, scalable team solution is always managed by one of our Solutions Managers, who not only provide project management services, but who are also performance engineers themselves, with between 10 – 20 years experience in the field, and who also provide expert level consultation and analysis services, onsite, when you need them.


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