GQP QuickStart Services™

GQP QuickStart Services are tailored to start-ups.  Start-ups have needs and goals that are very unique compared to more mature businesses.  Since start-ups are typically privately funded, with profits on the horizon, doing what needs to be done, and only what needs to be done, at the right time in order to control costs, is even more important than at large organizations.  To this end, when it comes to testing and quality programs, you need the flexibility to grow or shrink on-demand in a truly cost-effective manner, without compromising results.

Our QuickStart Serviceswill help your start-up meet these demands.  Through our on-demand services and Globally Integrated Teams, GQP can cost-effectively grow or shrink with your business needs.  Whether you need manual testing to start, functional automation, performance engineering services, or any combination thereof, GQP can custom tailor a solution for you.

GQP brings senior consultants with 10 – 20+ years experience to the table, as well as potential offshore resources (through our Globally Integrated Team Solutions) to help you meet your needs as your organization matures.  We’re there when you need us, and only then.

GQP QuickStart Services include all of this and more:

  • Strategic Assessment to Customize Services
  • Immediate Senior Quality Assurance Strategy & Planning
  • Immediate Manual Testing Resources
  • Professional Permanent Team Building Services
  • Instant Productivity while you build your team of the future.


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