GQP ICD-10 Expeditious Code Remediation Assessment Services

The first step in the GQP ICD-10 High-Precision Test Coverage Subscription Service is to parse the application source code.  At this time, numerous application source code metrics, which denote the quality of the code, and aspects such as code complexity, susceptibility to defects, likelihood of introducing defects on change, and countless other measures are calculated. In addition, all Data Elements in the application are identified, allowing us to specifically focus on only the ICD-10 related Data Elements and their logic.

These first step processes, coupled with input from your development staff, and the generation of a final report, detailing findings and recommendations, comprise the GQP ICD-10 Expeditious Code Remediation Assessment Service.  The generation of the above mentioned code metrics, coupled with the identification of the ICD-10 Data Elements and their surrounding logic (Business Logic), allow us and your staff to systematically quantify the work effort required to remediate any particular application.  The use of this automated approach across multiple applications give you a repeatable, self-documenting, standard approach, that is not as susceptible to human error as traditional means.

This service is powered by McCabe IQ® from McCabe Software.  No other tool opens up the so called “application black box” like McCabe IQ®, giving you unparalleled insight into your application and code quality efforts.

With GQP’s ICD-10 Expeditious Code Remediation Assessment Service (powered by McCabe IQ®), you can:

  • Identify ICD9 or ICD10 Data Elements and Business Logic in Application Code.
  • Assess the work effort for Remediation in 1/10 the time of traditional methods, at great cost savings.
  • Quantify the Remediation effort in a repeatable, systematic way that can be used to adjust and right-size/redirect your current Remediation efforts before it is too late, or simply help you plan and schedule accurately for applications which have not yet been assessed.
  • Provide comprehensive assessment audit documentation.
  • And we can do all of this much faster, more precise, and with fewer resources & costs than traditional manual methods.

Best of all, if you are interested in our GQP ICD-10 High-Precision Test Coverage Subscription Services, these steps are already inherent in that offering (minus the formal report), and can be leveraged at any time.

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