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ICD-10 – Are You Truly Managing Your Risk


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ICD-10 High-Precision Test Coverage Subscription Services

All software applications involve the making of one or more logical decisions (Business Logic) based upon input Data Elements or parts thereof.  Traditional Test approaches infer the exercising or execution of these logical decisions by varying the input Data Elements externally, via Business or Test Case Scenarios.  The software application is treated as a big black box.  So, when using these traditional approaches against your ICD-10 applications, how do you know if you’ve created enough test cases to at least execute one or more logic decisions (Business Logic or code paths) against at least every ICD-10 Data Element change made to your application?  The simple answer is YOU DON’T.  Your ICD-10 application is just another big black box.  This unique service allows you to peer into the black box, and identify ALL ICD-10 Data Elements in your application, and to know which you have, or have not tested, thereby easily quantifying your risk.  This is especially important when it comes to ICD-10 code remediation, where millions of dollars are at risk and dependent on an adequate testing effort.  BE IN THE KNOW, open up the black box, and control your risk…don’t let it control you.

Once you’ve covered all ICD-10 Data Elements in your testing, you can turn your efforts to covering all (or the most important) Logic Decisions (Business Logic) around your ICD-10 Data Elements.  With each step in our unique process, you reduce your risk of failure more and more, always in a quantifiable manner, whereby you are always aware of the risks and the efforts required to close your testing gaps.  In addition, all this is done while simultaneously producing audit ready documentation.

This service is powered by McCabe IQ® from McCabe Software.  No other tool opens up the so called “testing black box” like McCabe IQ®, giving you unparalleled insight into your testing and code quality efforts.

With GQP’s ICD-10 High-Precision Test Coverage Subscription Service (powered by McCabe IQ®), you can:

  • Identify ICD9 or ICD10 Data Elements and Business Logic in Application Code.
  • Determine which ICD Data Elements and/or Business Logic has or has not been tested.
  • Quantify the remaining Effort/Risk associated with closing the untested data element/business logic gap.
  • Provide comprehensive test audit documentation.
  • And we can do all of this much faster, more precise, and with fewer resources & costs than traditional manual methods.


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