Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Services

It’s finally here!  Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Services

Finally, performance test and monitoring tool technologically has reached a critical cost-benefit level that allows us to bring our customers an unprecedented level of value, at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

If you are familiar with Software Performance Optimization, then you’ve heard of JMeter, an open source performance testing solution that has been around for a long time.  In the past however, while JMeter had its place in our arsenal of tools, it was only used for behind the scenes, low-level testing of individual software components, not your higher-end web browser level testing scenarios that are so common today.  Well JMeter has come a long way technologically.  Thanks to companies such as Google investing in the use of JMeter and expanding upon its capabilities, JMeter has arrived when it comes to generalized web testing.  While it still is not a one size fits all web test scenario tool, in the hands of our very capable, professional performance engineering staff, we can utilize it to accommodate most web testing scenarios.

In addition to JMeter, along comes New Relic.  New Relic allows us to provide low-level, deep dive application metrics that are typically only seen in tools like AppDynamics, DynaTrace, Foglight, or Introscope.  These tools typically cost tens of thousands of dollars.  New Relic however, while comparable in capabilities and extensibility, is far more reasonably priced.  The pricing model of New Relic, coupled with the advanced skillset of GQP Performance Engineers, allows us to bring extraordinary value in the form of deep dive back-end system diagnostics and root cause analysis for performance and scalability bottlenecks.

Finally, the combination of JMeter and New Relic, in this never before seen culmination in technological capability and extraordinary leaps in cost benefits, allows GQP to finally present to you, an unprecedented, Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Service, as never seen before.

We are so excited about our new Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Service, that we are offering a FREE, give it a try,  introductory service (see below):


URL Test
(one-time per Company)
Standard Service Custom Service
Costs FREE < $26K Please Call Us
# of URLs 10 Real World User Simulation Real World User Simulation
Max. Concurrent Users 50 5000 Unlimited
Duration of Test Services 1 Hour 1 Business Month
(Custom Scoped)
Tools Utilized JMeter JMeter, New Relic, Other Custom; JMeter, New Relic, NeoLoad, SilkPerformer, Loadrunner, Other
Back-End Servers Monitored (via New Relic) 0 5 Unlimited
Reporting Response Time Summary Report and informal, short Analysis via email Formal Report, including Response Time Summary, Graphical and Professional End-to-End Analysis, including New Relic Monitors, back-end and front-end metric correlations, and root cause analysis. Custom


Whether you are:

  • Launching a new site
  • Upgrading your underlying technology or architecture
  • Preparing for a new season
  • Expecting new web traffic to your site
  • Or simply tuning performance to improve customer experience

This is the service for you.  Again, highlights include:

  • Real end-to-end user simulation
  • Deep dive application monitoring and analysis of back-end systems
  • Top level industry expertise Powered by JMeter and a revolutionary application monitoring technology from New Relic
  • All of this as a turnkey solution — you focus on your business, we do the performance optimization for you and bring our extraordinary performance engineering expertise to the table, providing you insightful, and actionable performance optimization analysis.

If you’d like to learn more, or signup for our Affordable, Deep Dive, Professional Performance Optimization Service, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at the number below.


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