Systems Investment Optimization™

The flagship of GQP’s service offerings is SIO.  SIO brings all of our services together with the singular and focused goal of ensuring the achievement of your project, program, or corporate goals, all the while ensuring the highest level of quality for the project at hand, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

SIO is a multi-faceted managerial framework that allows corporate business people, from the CIO down, to be on the same page as the technical folks in IT, and to have a common language/perspective to ensure and verify that goals at all levels are being achieved.

The foundation of SIO is a flexible managerial framework that we call User Experience Management (UXM).  In the end, it is the users of your IT systems that indirectly control costs, or generate revenue.  Users are very demanding, and rightfully so.  However, everyday, development and operational organizations make decisions in a bubble about various quality attributes that effect the users experience, without any deference to the impact this may have on business goals.  Quite often these quality attributes are at odds with each other, improving one means compromising another.  These quality attributes, just to name a few, include:

quality attributes


SIO and User Experience Management (UXM) allow organizations, at all levels, to balance these quality attributes to ensure that business goals are being met, and that ultimately, the end user or customer is satisfied with the end product.

UXM™ however is just one aspect of SIO.  In order to optimize your IT investments, people and tools must also be considered.  To learn more about SIO™, and how you can cost-effectively ensure the success of your IT projects, please complete the form below to download our whitepaper on SIO™.


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