Company overview

Global Quality Partners (GQP), is a strategic IT consultancy that specializes in software Operational Quality.

Most software quality consultancy firms only help verify that the software you build works right, and that you built the right software.  For GQP, this is merely the beginning.  Our experienced staff helps you make sure your software not only functions, but that it does so fast enough, reliably enough, securely enough, that it scales, and that it is resilient enough to meet your business needs.

We call this Operation Quality, and it guarantees that your software will satisfy your business needs, or those of your clients, for its intended life cycle.

Imagine the Power of a fully Automated Software Delivery Pipeline -> DevOps in Action!

Our mission

In order to help your company meet its software Operational Quality goals in an efficient, cost effective manner, GQP relies heavily on automation and the use of software tools and solutions.  Our staff is well experienced in Automated Software Quality and the creation, use, and extension of open source and commercial solutions to expedite your results.  Whether you need web site performance management, green screen or legacy system reengineering services, or you are building a multi-tier thick or thin client solution, we can help.

For whom we do it

GQP serves many industries, including:

  • SaaS providers
  • Web retailers, web publishers, ad serving platforms, and anybody for whom web is a business-critical platform
  • Software Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • Insurance Companies
  • Financial Services Companies
  • Healthcare Companies
  • Retail Companies
  • And much, much, more


Unique combination of deep management experience, leading-edge performance technology, scalable global resources, and cost-effective proven methodology.

  • Extraordinary Skill Sets; Above and beyond traditional quality professionals
  • Service and resources of any kind in the field of Software Quality; On Demand, scalable, in accordance with your needs
  • The source for Automated Software, DevOps, and Operational Quality Professionals

Give us a call, GQP can help.

Looking for a First-Class DevOps Lifecycle Automation Consultant?

Phone: 888.GQP.5580 or 888.477.5580