Automated Deployments

Test Management, Quality Gates, & Automated Deployments

You cannot manage the success of a project without proper process, a clear understanding of where you are in that process and measuring how well you are doing along the way. This is why Test Management and Quality Gates are key.

GQP works with you to establish a collaborative process across all team disciplines, as well as make recommendations and potential implementation of best of breed tools, commercial or open source, that meet your needs. We also help you define real, acceptable, and achievable metrics to measure your progress, in order to evaluate your quality and when you have achieved success, as well as communicate across team boundaries and the enterprise.

With GQP, you, your team, and management will always know where you are in the software delivery process, clearly what remains to be done, whether you are on target and on budget, and how well you are doing along the way.

Once proper Test Management and Quality Gates are defined in clear understandable ways by all, GQP can then help you automate the management of your tests and quality gates to achieve well-defined conditions for automatic environmental/system deployments. This includes Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployments (CI/CD) to Dev, QA, Stage, and Production, all with the push of a button.

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