Application Performance Management

application performance monitoring

Like a physician in pre-X-Ray days, many software projects are flying blind relying only on end users and black box testing to find out about performance of their applications. It is expensive and not reliable. Most importantly—it does not need to be this way.

Modern Application Performance Monitoring tools and practices provide complete, detailed, full-stack, end-to-end view of applications and systems under test and in production.

aPM provides a complete picture of end user experience

  • Learn how to discover bottlenecks and performance problems in end user experience early, during load testing.
  • Monitor real user experience in production and get notified about problems before end users. Monitor and measure end user experience across regions, channels, and devices.
  • Break Silos between IT and Business by supporting desired business outcomes in user experience with requested response times across the whole user journey.

aPM enables you to do full-stack monitoring across all tiers

  • Trace transactions across all tiers (from end users to hosts, processes, services, containers, databases) and infrastructure.
  • Validate deployed architecture, detect early underperforming tiers and services. Detect inter-tier errors. Be ready for smart vendor management by being equipped with detailed system metrics.
  • Proactively monitor business critical transactions and track how their performance contributes to the business bottom line.

aPM empowers you to do quick turnaround on problem resolution

  • Quickly triage application and system problems by using AI powered tools.
  • Reduce time to resolve issues by obtaining and communicating actionable information to problem resolution team.
  • Anticipate and prevent errors by implementing smart alerts.

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