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Case Studies

Client Scenarios

Private Dental Insurance Provider Launches “Quality Improvement” Program To Make Software Service Delivery “World Class”


Customer, a major Boston private dental insurance company, had embarked upon a multi-year engagement to make their software service delivery lifecycle world class and state-of-the-art.

The engagement involved numerous areas of focus, including Application Development/Management, Service Delivery, Test Data Management, Functional and Non-Functional Automation/Testing, Release Management (including automated deployment & provisioning), Production Incident Remediation, Production Workload Characterization, and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in Production.


By providing strategic advice to executive management, technical guidance, and hands-on implementation capabilities, we helped the client to go through a full DevOps transformation.


Multi-National Fortune 1000 Semiconductor Companies “World Conference”, Delivery by a 3rd-Party Video-Streaming Conference Company


A Fortune 1000, multi-national semiconductor company (hereafter known as the “Client”) has moved to a new implementation of a 3rd-party video-streaming solution to deliver their quarterly “Worldcasts”.  It had a requirement to ensure that the video solution would be able to successfully deliver content under an expected level of user concurrency to all participating locations throughout North America and Asia Pacific regions.

Each location has an “Media Server” which fronts the 3rd-party cloud-based solution and delivers video to the users at that location. Performance of each “Media Server” needed to be tested under the realistic workload. Traffic needed to be directed from the endpoint to the media-server(s) and back, just as if a real human was accessing them.


We helped the client by guiding business managers through the process of creating a realistic model of expected user traffic from multiple locations across the world. We verified that test infrastructure designated to deliver the simulated load from across the world was adequately provisioned. We created scripts for a non-common protocol, executed testing and analyzed the results. As a result, the CEO was able to deliver the address to the company’s global audience.


A Major Boston Private Research University Moves It’s ERP System To An Open Source Solution


Customer, a major Boston private university has embarked on a multi-year project of transitioning university ERP systems to a modern system based on open-source platform and service architecture. Such an ERP system would be used as backbone of university systems for financial processing, course management, event and housing management, and enrollment.

The project had a requirement to introduce performance engineering practice in order to assure that key user and business process transactions would be within service level and operational level agreements.


Working closely with the executive management and technical teams we introduced to the customer best practices and tools in application performance management, performance and user experience testing. This allowed the organization to break the silos between technical teams and focus them on the common goal of superior user experience. This, in turn, allowed for a better collaboration between technologists and business users and delivered an informed decision-making process. As a result, the university was able to successfully go live with the ERP system and apply lessons learned to other projects.