Functional Automation

“omni-present functional test automation™”

It is proven that maintaining many different Functional Test Tools across many applications and environment is difficult and error prone. But Is it possible to have just one tool, one automation framework, one approach for every environment, application, and platform?

Might it also be possible that, the same tools, etc., including potentially the same exact scripts, for each application, can also be leveraged for “Shift-Left Testing” (New Feature Delivery Success Testing), DevOps Environment “Acceptance” & “Smoke Testing”, “Performance Testing”, and “Synthetic Production Monitor Testing”.

The answer is yes. GQP's “Omni-Present Functional Test Automation” is designed to do just that.

Whatever your Functional Test Automation goals are, even if they are not as lofty as this, we can help you move to the next level, successfully, now, and into the future.

use the same tools & framework, to automate throughout the enterprise

  • Leveraging the knowledge of “GQP Research™”, we can help you automate with one framework, one set of tools, regardless of the type of testing you doing during the SDLC Pipeline, whether you are doing API, Service, Integration, or Functional Testing.
  • Learn one set of tools, one framework, and use it throughout the Enterprise for Mobile Apps, Web Apps, and Windows Thick-Client Apps.
  • Utilize well known, Open Source Tools, and never have trouble finding resources, and implement your Automated testing practice in the most cost-effective means possible.

write test in plain english, regardless of sDLC pipeline stage

  • Utilizing Behavior Driven Development (BDD), and/or the ScreenPlay/Journey Design Pattern, automated tests can virtually be written in plain English and Business Domain nomenclature, allowing all to understand and collaborate in what is being tested and to what extent.
  • From Test Engineer to CEO, understand Test Coverage at each, and every phase of the Software Delivery Pipeline.
  • True for “Shift-Left Test”, “DevOps Environmental Acceptance & Smoke Tests”, “Functional Tests”, “Performance Tests” (potentially or partially), and “Synthetic Production Monitoring Tests”.

optimize your existing automation investment

  • While most of the what is described above is best accomplished if starting from a clean slate, it is not entirely necessary. If you already have an Enterprise Investment in Functional Test Automation tools that do not allow for the facilitation of many of the benefits mentioned herein, we are Automation Experts, and can help you to optimize what you have and reach similar goals as those discussed here, or whatever the vision is for your organization.
  • If you have Automation in one or more of the Test Areas discussed above, you can still realize many of the benefits discussed above in the Test Areas you have not yet addressed.
  • If you have different solutions, in Silos, across the Enterprise, you can optimize and solidify upon one optimized approach across the Enterprise, allowing for the cross-enterprise utilization of human automation resources, and great cost savings.

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