Performance Engineering

“professional performance engineering ideally, performance testing at a minimum”

Have you ever called a Customer Support or Service line and the representative tells you the computers are slow today, and engages you in small talk every other minute, while waiting for the computer.  The moral of the story is that it is not enough for a software application to “Work Right”.  It must “Work Right, and be Fast Enough”.  That is why Performance Testing, at a minimum is crucial.  Ideally however, what you need is Performance Engineering, throughout the SDLC, not just testing at the end.  Performance Engineering is Hypothesis, or Experimental Testing.  To be done right, it requires the scientific, and most likely statistical approach of an educated Performance Engineer, not a tool jockey.  If not done right, you cannot count on your results to play out in Production (if garbage goes in, garbage comes out).  Let GQP help you with your Performance Endeavors and bring experienced Performance Engineers to the table, and make sure you can count on the results.

one-off, periodic short-term, or long-term engagements, we can help

  • Have a one-off new product or site launch, we can help with engagements as short as 2 – 6 weeks.
  • We can help you whatever your testing goals are: Scalability, Stress, Architectural Sizing, Architectural/Technology Comparison, Component Capacity, Longevity, Disaster Recovery, Tuning, or Capacity Planning and Management.
  • Flexible service delivery models; whether you need a single targeted Scalability/Stress Engagement for a single application, or want help setting up a Performance Practice, or simply want us to handle it for you as a Managed Solution year-round, we can accommodate you.

accurate, dependable results you can depend on

  • Relying on analysis from GQP Research™, we bring “Best of Breed” tools to the table that accurately simulate Browser/User behavior, provide expert analysis and reporting, and allow us to deliver our services in the most cost-effective manner possible to you.
  • While you may interact with one primary Performance Engineer, our engagements always involve at least two senior engineers (in the forefront and behind the scenes), with between 15 and 25 years of experience apiece, to review approaches, outcomes, conclusions, recommendations, and to manage overall quality of service. We take your results seriously.
  • No tool jockeys involved. Performance Testing is part art and science, requiring an experience mind, that has seen it all, to find that proverbial needle in a haystack.  Your project will be handled with the proper art-nuance, scientific, and statistical approach required to provide confident results.

shift-left performance testing, and build performance into your product

  • Performance should be guided by User/Customer Experience. User Experience allows you to define Service Level Agreements (SLAs), within the confines of Operational Level Agreements (OLAs; such max. CPU Utilization of 70%, or 50% Memory Utilization, on any VM, etc.).  These SLAs and OLAs can then be broken down by System, Sub-System, Components, etc., and Shifted-Left, for comprehensive Performance Engineering practice throughout the SDLC, especially when aided by a “Best of Breed” APM solution.
  • Build Performance into your product by Shifting Performance Left, instead of having to implement Band-Aid solutions (or worse, rearchitect) as you learn it doesn’t quite perform just prior to going into Production.
  • Get early warning of Performance Issues and resolve them early on, perhaps before they even leave development.

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