Pickle TestOps Services

Pickle TestOps Services™

Pickle TestOps Services™ is a collaboration between you and GQP, whereby we enable your entire staff, including non-programmers, to create functional, API, and performance/user experience tests in plain English sentences

Working with you we develop a custom vocabulary of sentences that can be re-arranged in any order to create unique, meaningful tests of any kind. Once this vocabulary is in place, anybody can create a test with minimal effort and time.

Some of the benefits of our approach are:

  • Supports different types of testing: Functional, API, and User Experience/Performance
  • Democratize and Enable Your Entire Staff to collaborate and do their testing job, IN PLAIN ENGLISH!
  • Enable all personnel to validate Service Level Agreements (SLAs), from a Business Use Case perspective
  • Shorten Sales Cycles with your Customers by providing clear, easy to read and understand, User Experience metrics and results
  • Use your load tool of choice
  • Use your CI/CD solution of choice
  • Use your cloud solution of choice
  • Increasing productivity
  • Cost reduction
  • Increasing employees’ participation, retention, and motivation
  • Collaboration across functional and departmental divides
  • Client/SaaS vendor clear communication and collaboration
  • Better data quality better decision making

Do you want to save months of effort and expense in your automation endeavors?  Give us a call at 888-477-5580, or 888-GQP-5580.  Alternatively, complete our Contact Us form here.