one-view™ software quality analytics

“The RoadMap to Software Quality Analytics” ™

So many tools collect and store data throughout both the SDLC, and Post-Production in Operations.  Almost all this data is available via an API. Unfortunately, these tools use different or overlapping terminology, and one needs to deep-dive every time when using them. This is like hundreds of puzzle pieces spread out in front of you. Where do you start?

GQP’s “One-View Software Quality Analytics” solves the problem by aggregating, correlating, doing predictive analysis, and presenting one view of the complete product lifecycle.

Finally, you can see the forest for the trees.  What’s more, this service is always tailored to the specific needs of your organization, by role.

one-view™ reduces “time to market” by optimizing the software release deployment pipeline

  • Track success of software deployments across development, staging, and production environments. Check quality of the builds, shelf life of built software prior to deployment; Verify what was deployed when.
  • Correlate deployments with functional and performance test automation metrics like results of: smoke and system integration and performance test runs.
  • Check Quality Gates of released software — unit test and code coverage, code quality etc.

one-view™ monitors user experience and business critical transactions

  • Check User Experience and Business Critical Transactions and correlate it with quality metrics. Correlate observed IT performance metrics with desired business outcomes.
  • Monitor deployed architecture from application to infrastructure through the prism of quality metrics of deployed software.
  • Forecast infrastructure capacity requirements based on predictive analytics.

one-view™ empowers program management, problem resolution and collaboration

  • Review of Multiple Product Software Release Deployment Pipelines (tabbed) in one screen.
  • Check management level status on problems that keep you “up at night”; deep dive into underlying data only as necessary.
  • Collaborate with your teams inside and across projects. Track project level issues armed with data-based questions.

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