FusionData™ For Non-Profits

Taming The Data Zoo

Taming the Data Zoo

Data as the New Gold 

Is data the new oil or new gold? Often this expression is just another cliché exaggerating the current trend, but for development professionals it is true. Fast and timely access to data about donors, prospects, results of marketing campaigns, personalized data about social media engagement can be directly translated into revenue. 

Ocean of Data

Dying from thirst in the middle of an ocean? Water is everywhere but you cannot drink it? This is another cliché that rings true for a lot of development organizations. There is lots and lots of data available about donors, past and current, prospects, partners, and competitors. Sorting this data, correlating different data, and making sense of it, is an exceedingly difficult and time-consuming undertaking.

Trouble with Tools

They say that if you are a hammer, the world looks like a nail to you. Thus, software vendors look at the world exclusively through the prism of their tools. There are some very capable tools out there. In the world of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Salesforce is king and is a system of record for a lot of organizations. The problem is that it is not always easy to access the type of data you need for a specific task, and it is always challenging to integrate CRM data with data from other sources.

Trouble with People

Many development teams have no choice but to spend the precious time of their development staff working on capturing data in spreadsheets, manually integrating it, wasting inordinate amounts of precious time away from their direct responsibilities – calling donors and raising money. Data support specialists put valiant efforts into producing requested reports and integrating an ever-growing number of tools and sources of information. In other words, they have a lot of plates to spin and are in a permanent catch-up mode.

Global Quality Partners to the Rescue


We, at Global Quality Partners, are experts at two things: automation and integration. Having worked with large enterprises over a period of more than two decades, we’ve developed a methodology and a collection of tools that allow us to manipulate and integrate data using Application Programming Interfaces (API) to bypass tedious and often cumbersome manual user interventions.

FusionData™ For Non-Profits

To help people and organizations that work on issues that we care about, we’ve developed a service called FusionData for Non-Profts. Here’s how it works. We take your data requirements, number of reports, and ad-hoc queries that would be helpful to you on a day-to-day basis, number of information sources that you would like to integrate, like data from a CRM (e.g., Salesforce), Email campaign manager, prospecting tools, social media, etc. Once we receive this input, we create for you a custom application that allows both non-technical and technical staff to answer the donor questions they have, in a matter of seconds, with just a few clicks. Ease of use is the name of the game. This frees development staff to focus on sales, while data specialists can do their work much faster and can finally catch up with and be comfortable with their workload. Since it is impossible to anticipate all the data needs a year ahead in a dynamic development environment, as part of our service, we provide the client with a bucket of consulting/development hours to support their ever-evolving needs.

How do we do this 

We have been doing integration and automation work for a long time, our core expertise is in custom application development. In addition, to make our services affordable, we have built a network of Global Premium Resources, a comprehensive technical bench of engineers, ready to deal with any upcoming tasks. 


We believe that, as technologists, we can help our clients to save a lot of aggravation, time, and money, by letting them focus on what they know and love doing — raising money for their favorite causes.

Need help unlocking the answers you need from your data?  Give us a call at 888-477-5580, or 888-GQP-5580.  Alternatively, complete our Contact Us form here.